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Dough Nuts! card game
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Ninja Fighting Time
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Dough Nuts! +
Ninja Fighting Time

Only $10.95 for both

Welcome to µTime Games!

µTime Games, Inc. is a small independent card, board, and computer games publisher and distributor. Our focus is on making games that are easy to learn and fun to play. We believe that games are a fantastic social tool, both for making new friendships and for just having a great time with people you already know.

Our games are great for taking along with you to any party you might go to, and can make a wonderful ice breaker. Who wouldn't want to join in when asked "Who wants to save the children?", or "IT'S NINJA FIGHTING TIME!"? Thanks to our focus on simple, understandable rules, any new players can be brought into the game with less than 10 minutes or so of introduction. Well, not counting the time spent laughing and meeting new friends!

Have a look around, and be sure to check out what we've got to offer.

Oh, and have fun!